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Our CopyWriting Services

Shanta Hyche Writes ensures you can count on professional copywriting services. Services that speak to your target audience, drives organizational results and meets your tasks deadlines.

Web Copy

Drafting website content takes times because words are essential and every word counts. Your content generation is a crucial phase of the website project. Our writers are knowledgeable in SEO and easy-to-read content.

Blog Posts

Websites with a blog have larger audiences than those who do not. We offer blog writing services that will allow for weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly blog posts to increase your audience size and donor potential. 


As email copywriters with experience, we have helped a number of clients craft emails that represent their brand and allow them to better present themselves to prospecting clients. We write content that grabs attention and heart strings. 

Customer Testimonials

One of the most effective ways to grasp your audience’s attention is to share the success of a satisfied customer or client. The stories are genuine and powerful. A well put together testimony adds value to your mission.

Press Releases

Establishing the brand of your non-profit organization is crucial to your success. With our writing service, you can rest assured to have experts who will increase your brand awareness across multiple media platforms.

Letters of Interest(LOI)

An LOI introduces your organization’s interest for a particular grant or foundation funding. The letter precedes the grant proposal and gauges the grantor’s interest in funding your specific program or request.  

Landing Pages

We understand how to use landing pages to engage and convert your audience. A successfully written landing page can serve as a supplement to your home page. It’s all about persuasion and influence to commit. 


Flyers are a great way to advertise your organization or business. It’s essential to capture your reader’s attention for the duration of the flyer. Keeping the flyer brief, eye-catching headlines, and call-to-action help to bring it together. 


A brochure is a powerful marketing tool. It allows your clients to take with them an item they may refer to again. Either B2B or B2C, traditional or digital, we are prepared to handle with crafting a brochure that exceeds your expectations.  

Our Cause Marketing Services

Cause Marketing is continuing to grow in popularity. It’s a beneficial way to increase awareness and to fund your nonprofit organization’s cause. By strategically connecting with a for-profit business, your cause-induced relationship holds the key to many benefits. Shanta Hyche Writes can assist you in creating writing projects that add notoriety to your cause-marketing relationship and distribute those projects via social media and various other mediums.     

Cause Marketing 101

Anytime we think outside the box; we create this potential to do something great. Cause Marketing is a useful tool that has a mutually beneficial relationship between your non-profit organization and the for-profit business. Regardless of the size of your organization, there is a cause marketing campaign for you. Check out this 8-min video that offers suggestions for non-profits of all sizes. 

Time is Valuable

With so much to do in order to keep the  non-profit running smoothly, it may seem like there are not enough hours in the day. That is where we can help.  “Allow us to handle your writing projects, while you handle your business!”

Non-Profit Organizations

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